When Failure Gives You a Reality Check

Lately I've been posting early on Monday’s trying to get into a consistent schedule. So before my planned camping trip over the weekend I had a post ready for first thing this morning. So why was there no post this morning? During the weekend I thought to myself that I often have this cheer-leading attitude in my posts and can make it sound so easy to ‘just get off the wheel and work on your dream.’ Truth is it is simple but it’s also not so simple. It’s a process and often a bumpy one. For … [Continue reading]

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you wondering where life went? Or where life is going? Join the club. No one sets out to wake up years or even decades later wondering where life went and what happened to dreams and aspirations. As a child you dreamed and the sky was the limit. You lived a lot more in the now. But as an adult that got put on the sideline for later. Life got busy and there’s always later, right? Do you ever find yourself saying this? I will do that when I have the time.I will do that when I have more … [Continue reading]

5 ways to save 2,000 dollars in 60 days!

Save money in 60 days

Last week I learned I’m going to have to mail a big fat check by April 15th, so in about 60 days. You can figure out where the money is going. Taking money out of savings for something like that is like having to use vacation days to be home with the … [Continue reading]