Make Money on Your Passion – How to Leave the Rat Race series

It’s time to start figuring out which passion of yours you can make a living on. In Pursue Your Passion - Part Two you wrote down a list of passions you would like to pursue. Now what? Start testing your ideas out. We need to find that “sweet spot” between passion, skills and what others would be willing to pay for. Let’s use an example. You want to become a hiking guide. You dream about being able to make money hiking, one of your favorite things to do. What is your next step? Get to … [Continue reading]

Stop Stressing About Finding Your Calling

Everything goes in trends and one big trend right now is to figure out what your calling in life is. Your purpose. Your true authentic path. I think we all are born with certain things we are meant to do while we are here that allow us to step into our full potential. But one thing that hits my nerve at times is...I don’t think we have just ONE calling. I think we have many different passions and callings we should explore and those will change depending on where we are in life. I meet a … [Continue reading]