Thank You!

As I’m sitting here reflecting on where I was last Thanksgiving week I’m in awe of what has happened in a year. My blogs have grown and taken shape, I published a book, I started sharing my photography, I started coaching and I've made incredible friendships among a long list of other things. But first and foremost - none of this would be possible without you! I am so incredibly thankful and blessed for the amazing support and encouragement you show me by reading, commenting and sharing my … [Continue reading]

What Would You Do if You Had No Debt?

If our financial situation is a mess it’s hard to focus on our personal life. Especially when most of our energy goes to worrying about money. The majority of people I talk to have the same issue at the end of the month. The feeling there should be more money left in the bank. You ask yourself: Where did all the money go? It wasn't as if you were wasteful. Money can be like sand slipping through our hands if we are not careful. The solution? Track every single dollar and tell the … [Continue reading]

Are You a Doer or a Wisher?

Are you a doer or wisher image

Today it’s time for some personal responsibility talk. As a reader you know I’m big into taking responsibility for your own life. No one, no matter how much you may deserve it, will come and roll out the red carpet for you. You have to roll it out … [Continue reading]

I Wrote a Book!

I wrote a book image

Ever finally finished something that you should have finished a looooong time ago? Then after you finish you ask yourself why it took you so long. No? Must just me then. Some days you are more motivated than others. Lately I got motivated to … [Continue reading]

52 Book Challenge – Aug & Sept 2014

52 book challenge Aug Sept photo

Remember the 52 book challenge? I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that August and September were filled with so many other blog posts I decided to combine two months. I don’t know about you but my summer flew by. Everyone I talk to say the same. I … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Make Extra Money

10 ways to make extra money

Do you ever feel that if you had enough time to put into your side business you could succeed running it full-time but the lack of money and time is holding you back? Welcome to club! A club that pretty much every business owner has been in at … [Continue reading]